"Radio Candy" (2018) Review


review by
Mike Haberfelner

Adam (Nix Nova) is a loveable loser who still lives with his mum (Brian Kennemer) and special needs grandma (Shauna Nunn), who despite everything thrown at him won't waiver in his belief in the ideals of the American boyscouts. But these days bully Carmichael (Chris Morgan) is really turning his life to hell, which comes to a head when he has his goons beat up Adam's granny when he has taken a leave from watching her to commit his daily good deed.

Jimmy (Justin Conway) is another loveable loser, who has only recently lost his job but found Susan, the love of his life. And then Susan's grandpa (Grady Roper) kills himself, and she can't even afford the funeral. Good boyfriend that he is, Jimmy robs a taco place to provide Susan with the resources needed, but now he has to lie low for a while, and thus moves in with his cousin Adam - and when he sees how Adam's suffering under Carmichael, he decided to help ...


Now I admit, above might sound very much like your typical feel-good movie - but in approach it's anything but, it's an trashy and cheap exercise in camp filmmaking that would make John Waters proud as it ticks all the boxes (including stilted dialogue and wooden performances) and is totally unapologetic about it - and at the same time it's wildly funny for sure, basically because it just refuses to give a fuck and takes every (often bad) joke further and further still until one can't help but laugh.

That said, it's not a film for everyone, but those who like their entertainment leanind slightly towards the bizarre, absurd and grotesque even will sure have a good time