An Interview with Jeffrey Garcia, Director of Radio Candy

by Mike Haberfelner
January 2019

Your new movie Radio Candy - in a few words, what is it about?


Violence. Romance. The hypocrisy of belief systems... and bodily fluids.


What were your sources of inspiration when writing Radio Candy?


I was watching a lot of Troma films at the time and I guess that's where the gross-out gags come from. But originally Radio Candy was supposed to be two entirely different movies. One about Adam and his Grandma, and one about Jimmy and Susan. I guess I got impatient about which one to shoot first so I just ended up squeezing them together.


Given the over-the-topness of your movie, this might sound like an odd question, but is Radio Candy in any way or form autobiographical, and to what extent can you identify with either of the movie's leads Adam or Jim - or any of the other characters, really?


The character of Jimmy is mirrored after my older brother and I guess in a way that makes me Adam. They're cousins in the movie but I really wanted that big brother/little brother vibe. I've also murdered my high school bully and banged his girlfriend right afterwards. 'Twas a sweet snatch.


Do talk about Radio Candy's brand of humour, and in all honesty, did you have the feeling you went too far some of the times - or did that actually only spur you on to go further?


Maybe the grandma abuse scene. But I definitely wanted to take it further. I had a couple of scenes in mind that didn't make it past the writing stage. Like one where a tranny masturbates on a dead deer and another where a man squirts milk out of his asshole.


A few words about your overall directorial approach to your story at hand?


Sacrifice a good looking shot for the gag. I try to incorporate as many art-house elements into my comedies as much as possible. But at the end of the day, it's a comedy and the laugh should come first. Unfortunately this movie was very gag-heavy, so I couldn't really flex my skills in that department as much as I had wanted to.


Do talk about your key cast, and why exactly these people?


They're the only people willing to ruin their reputations for my silly movies. They also happen to be friends and co-workers.


What can you tell us about the shoot as such, and the on-set atmosphere?


Chaotic and stressful. Would've been a pretty entertaining documentary if someone was there filming all of the behind-the-scenes.


The $64-question of course, where can Radio Candy be seen?


You can catch Radio Candy at my website - along with my other films.


Anything you can tell us about audience and critical reception of Radio Candy?


It apparently makes people confused and uncomfortable.


Any future projects you'd like to share?


I'm hoping to make my feature-length debut this year. I've been bouncing around different scripts. We'll see what happens.


What got you into filmmaking in the first place, and did you receive any formal training on the subject?


I saw The Kentucky Fried Movie at a very young age and that's what sparked this agonizing obsession I've had with films and filmmaking. Blame ZAZ for ruining my life. And no, I had to teach myself everything and pretty much ignored all filmmaking tutorials because I don't like people telling me how to do things.


What can you tell us about your filmwork prior to Radio Candy?


My last few films share a similar sense of humor and have been touring the festival circuit lately. Believe it or not, films about conjoined twin incest and pedophilic ventriloquists CAN win awards. Go figure.


How would you describe yourself as a director?




Filmmakers who inspire you?


Robert Downey sr, Lloyd Kaufman, Harmony Korine.


Your favourite movies?


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Anything Marvel has released since 2010.


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Anything else you're dying to mention and I have merely forgotten to ask?


I live in Texas and have two missing teeth.


Thanks for the interview!